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skeleton technologies

Our superior technology enables us to deliver ground-breaking energy storage solutions with market leading power and energy density.

Our products are used across industries from automotive to aerospace and everything in between. Curved graphene differs significantly from regular activated carbons, which are used by other ultracapacitor manufacturers. All competitors use organic pre-cursor materials, mostly carbon made from coconut, Skeleton is the only company to use an inorganic pre-cursor, namely metal carbides and has patented the synthesis process for the proprietary material.

Maxwell Technologies, Inc. USA Listed Maxwell's primary focus is on ultracapacitors, energy storage devices that are characterized by high power density, long operational life, the ability to charge and discharge very rapidly, and reliable performance at a wide range of temperatures.

Maxwell ultracapacitor products provide energy storage and power delivery solutions for applications in many industries, including automotive, heavy transportation, renewable energy, backup power, wireless communications and consumer and industrial electronics.

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Maxwell's dry electrode technology has the potential to be a revolutionary technology within the battery industry with a substantial market opportunity, particularly for use in electric vehicles. By applying proprietary and fundamental dry electrode manufacturing technology to batteries of varying chemistries, Maxwell can create significant performance and cost benefits when compared with today's state-of-the-art wet electrode technology.

NanoTune Technologies USA Private A new generation ultracapacitor with five to seven times greater energy storage capacity as conventional capacitors. A new generation of fast-charging, long-lasting, efficient, and affordable ultracapacitors that will soon outperform lithium-ion batteries in energy storage and price.

NanoTune has developed an ultracapacitor technology that can store as much as five to seven times the energy of traditional ultracapacitors. Ioxus USA Private Ioxus designs and manufactures ultracapacitor cells and modules that provide peak power and extend the lifespan of other energy sources such as batteries.

Ultracaps can be used in a wide range of applications: hybrid buses, trucks, windturbines, grid storage, UPS and consumer electronics. In NovemberIoxus launched its 2. They have built an impressive pipeline of supercapacitor innovations with the objective to take the market lead in the ultracapacitor market by ReVolt Technology USA Deadpool New battery technology based on rechargeable zinc-air technology, offering significantly higher energy density than regular batteries.

Revolt's batteries are considerably less costly to manufacture than Li-ion batteries and there are no toxic materials applied. The company's customer base covers industrial material handlers, industrial engineers and product manufacturers, robotics and mining companies.

Natron Energy kfa Alveo Energy USA Private Natron Energy is developing battery products based on a unique Prussian Blue chemistry for a wide variety of energy storage applications ranging from critical backup power systems, material handling, behind-the-meter applications, and renewables support.

Natron's battery offers higher power density, faster recharge, and significantly longer cycle life than incumbent technologies. Natron builds its batteries using commodity materials on existing cell manufacturing lines.

Natron was founded as Alveo Energy in as a spin-out from research originally performed at Stanford University. Natron's mission is to transform industrial and grid energy storage markets by providing customers with lower cost, longer lasting, more efficient, safer batteries. Upgrade Now. Submit a Company Directory of Companies. Login Free Sign-up. Please enter Email Incorrect Email format. Please enter Password. Forgotten your password? Location: Germany. Founded in Private Company.

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skeleton technologies

View Team on LinkedIn.Skeleton Technologies, a European market leader for ultracapacitors and energy storage systems for transportation, grid, and industrial applications, was recently named a Global Cleantech company by Cleantech Group for the 6th time in a row. Hopefully, the EU Green Deal will bring huge business opportunities and support the emergence of European cleantech champions leading the global transition to a carbon-neutral economy.

Taking the battle for sustainability further, Skeleton Technologies has signed a contract with Medcom in Poland, who is a leading innovator in the electric traction market.

Energy efficiency is becoming the key design criteria for any public transportation system. Ultracapacitors, which have 1 million lifecycles and immediate charging, are now powering applications that have not been viable with batteries and cannot charge quickly enough to take advantage of kinetic energy recovered while trams brake. The ultracapacitor system also shaves power peaks, protecting the grid infrastructure in Warsaw. Skeleton Technologies was founded in in Estonia and has since expanded its production to Germany.

The ultracapacitors they produce deliver four times the power density offered by other manufacturers, offering space, weight, and cost savings. Skeleton Technologies was also among the first batch of signees of the Green Pledge by Estonian tech companies. The goal of e-Estonia Briefing Centre is to inspire global policy makers, political leaders, corporate executives, investors and international media with the success story of e-Estonia and build links to leading IT service providers. The e-Estonia Briefing Centre has become a must-see destination, hosting over 10, international decision-makers every year.

Make sure to book your visit in advance. Skeleton Technologies: with energy efficiency against climate change. Skeleton Technologies, a European market leader for ultracapacitors and energy storage systems…. Striving for sustainability in the logistics sector with real-time visibility. Climate change and the environmental impact of human activity present clear challenges…. Digitalising agriculture for a sustainable and just future. Estonian tech companies promise to become climate neutral in 10 years.

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Have a look at our cookie policy here. I Agree.There are six different categories applicants can present their projects in, all with the aim of clean energy promotion.

The award for innovative mobility is designed to single out and reward the most innovative technologies and business models in adopting greener practices and boosting electrification in transport.

It seeks to discover who has the best charging infrastructure, alternative fuels, or innovative battery systems — and ultimately, who is able to unlock the potential of this market and make clean transportation the new normal for individuals and companies.

Not a lot of success stories start with a six-person Estonian research team, but that was precisely how Skeleton started out in From those humble beginnings, the business has gone from strength-to-strength.

Supercapacitors, like batteries, store and discharge electrical energy. However, where a battery can store a lot of energy per kilogram known as high energy density and charges and discharges that energy slowly low power densitya supercapacitor holds much less overall energy but charges and discharges it rapidly within seconds, with very little internal resistance.

Skeleton has been more lively than its name would suggest over the course of its nine years. Milestone projects with the European Space Agency, Horizon and InnoEnergy have allowed the company to thrive and develop its technology to the point where now it stands — on the cusp of truly revolutionising the supercapacitor industry.

Indeed, InnoEnergy has been a key backer of Skeleton sinceits breakthrough year, and more recently has been working on helping the business begin producing electrodes en masse.

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And Skeleton is far from the only InnoEnergy success story. Latest news, insights and events for SMEs.

skeleton technologies

About the SET Awards. Why Skeleton? Source: Skeleton Technologies. What next?

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Other success stories. Related news.This site uses cookies to store information on your computer, resulting in a better browsing experience for our users. By using this site, you are accepting the use of cookies. For information and to change your cookie settings, please view our cookie policy. The company is now launching an ultracapacitor module that is specifically developed for wind turbine pitch control and for UPS uninterruptible power supply applications.

In other words, as Skeleton Technologies outlined in an email sent to Energy-Storage. This control has long been done with either hydraulic or lead acid battery systems that can either involve heavy mechanical components and engineering or complex maintenance with associated downtime.

The company believes that with wind power as a perfect example of variable renewable generation, ultracapacitors that store electrical energy and can discharge in high power bursts, can fill gaps to create reliable grid, or grid-like power.

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Stay up to date with the latest news, analysis and opinions. Sign up here to the Energy-Storage. Cookies This site uses cookies to store information on your computer, resulting in a better browsing experience for our users.Followed by the launch of SkelMod 17V in February, we are keeping up the momentum with the launch of SkelMod V - an ultracapacitor module targeted especially for power quality applications in the medical industry, where it can be used for shaving peaks of power and to ensure sufficient power quality for MRI machines.

Other use cases include wind turbine pitch control, Kinetic Energy Recovery applications, as well as Uninterruptible Power Supply systems. The magazine is edited by the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce.

The major risk when working at sea when loading, is that the load acts as a destructive hammer to itself or nearby structures. Safety isn't just a word when working at sea.

Safely moving heavy loads from ship to sea floor is a basic requirement in the offshore industry. Wave-related ship movements make it difficult to gently lay a heavy piece of equipment on the bottom of the sea or on another floating vessel.

Active heave compensation AHC is an application where ultracapa AHC system is used on lifting equipment to reduce the influence of waves upon offshore operations and keep a load, held by equipment on a moving vessel, motionless with regard to the seabed or another vessel.

Want to know more about ultracapacitor applications for rail industry? Ultracapacitors can be used in several applications for the rail industry. A wayside energy storage installation may Our representatives Evelin, Martin, Kaidi and Pille shared their work experience and introduced the internship opportunities at Skeleton Technologies. One of the reasons behind our success is a relentless pursuit to push the ultracapacitor industry forward and the next step is taken today with the launch of the SkelMod 17V module.

The module is well-suited for voltage hold applications, and has been specifically developed for wind turbine pitch control and UPS applications.

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The module's inventive design enables great value for money, while providing the The aim of this visit was to introduce the Estonian space programme and develop partnerships between the European Space Agency and Estonian companies.

Skeleton has a long connection with the European Space Agency, as already in a partnership was established to test our ultracapacitors for future missions in space. Celebrating Estonia's Independance Day in our Tallinn office with traditional snacks and good mood.

The World's First Rigid Truck KERS - 32% Decrease in Fuel Consumption

Happy birthday Estonia! Last week, our Sales Manager Krzysztof Kmiecik introduced Skeleton Technologies to an audience of Polish companies at the "Optimization of energy and technical media consumption" conference in Gdynia, Poland. The presentation showcased ultracapacitor-based solutions for short-term UPS, VSD backup, and genset starting applications, highlighting the differences between ultracapacitors and batteries in different energy storage applications. The conference gathered together some of the largest companies in Poland, one of the larger markets for Skeleton Technologies and a frontrunner in for example public transportation electrification, as shown by the Warsaw tram project where Skeleton Technologies is cooperation with Medcom, one of the most innovative power electronics manufacturers in the world.

There definitely is a lot of areas within the automotive market where they could find applications," says James Frith, a BloombergNEF Analyst focusing on energy storage.

Problems starting your truck's engine? Switch to ultracapacitor technology and say goodbye to battery issues. The SkelStart Engine Start Module comes in 12V and 24V versions and can be used in truck, bus, rail, generator, and heavy equipment applications. Peter Altmaier and offer him an ultracapacitor cell made in Germany. May this ultracapacitor empower him to develop a strong European Industry.

Skeleton is a proud member of the European Battery Alliance and the only company in Saxony that is going to actively take part in Germany's EuBatIn initiative.

Prospects for Estonian-German cooperation, shortage of talents, industrial policies and the EU Green Deal were on the menu at this informal discussion. Regarding environmental issues, both Estonia and Germany believe in the need for solutions allowing to meet climate targets and preserve the competitiveness of the economy at the same time. His thoughts were echoed by Taavi Madiberk, who highlighted the importance of a European industrial strategy to ensure the competitiveness of the EU market against China and the US.When stocks demonstrate such high levels of volatility and media attention, investors are whipped into an emotional frenzy, and bad decisions are made.

Supercapacitors — or what we shall henceforth refer to as ultracapacitors because it sounds cooler — store energy just like batteries do. Batteries on the other hand, are slow to charge and slow to discharge. This means that batteries and ultracapacitors have been traditionally used for very different use cases with minimal overlap:.

More recently, Mr. If Mr. Ultracapacitors are relatively simple devices — just aluminum, carbon, paper, and an electrolyte. We sat down to talk with the Head of Communications at Skeleton Technologies, Arnaud Castaignet, who said the company is just as puzzled as everyone else as to what Tesla was thinking when they acquired Maxwell.

What they do know is that the acquisition has raised awareness of how ultracapacitors can be used in a broad number of use cases to create efficiencies. There are four segments that the company operates in.

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From standard-sized industrial capacitor cells to customized modules to fit niche use cases, the company is able to manufacture ultracapacitors in a variety of useful form factors. Take lead-acid batteries for example. For electric cars, the lithium-ion battery packs are one of the most important components.

In other words, ultracapacitors could eventually be found in every vehicle on this planet, electric or otherwise. The complication is that pitch control must work and supply power to turn the blades even if the main power for the blade pitch control fails. Some common themes we see across these ultracapacitor use cases are gravity and momentum. Any time you have some heavy object descending elevators, robots, containers, etc.

Whenever you have a vehicle moving along and it needs to brake, a superconductor can be used to capture energy.

Published: April 2, Skip to content Skeleton Technologies and the Future of Ultracapacitors. Supercapacitors and Tesla Supercapacitors — or what we shall henceforth refer to as ultracapacitors because it sounds cooler — store energy just like batteries do. Ultracapacitor Use Cases We sat down to talk with the Head of Communications at Skeleton Technologies, Arnaud Castaignet, who said the company is just as puzzled as everyone else as to what Tesla was thinking when they acquired Maxwell.

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Automotive — Perhaps the newest segment the company operates in. Grid — Lead-acid batteries are used heavily throughout the power grid and present many potential use cases for ultracapacitors. The medical industry has many power-related applications such as shaving peaks of power and ensuring sufficient power quality for MRI machines. Skeleton has worked with the global leader in medical equipment manufacturing to develop their Skelmod v.

Transportation — The high efficiency of ultracapacitor energy storage is well-suited trains, trams, trucks, and buses, enabling both energy savings as well as protection for the infrastructure from high peaks of power.

Skeleton Technologies

Just last month, they announced a contract to do the same in Poland. Conclusion Some common themes we see across these ultracapacitor use cases are gravity and momentum. Tweet 6. The Long Road to Graphene Commercialization. Remember Graphene?Get a glimpse into our company and investor data—powered by the PitchBook Platform. Manufacturer of ultracapacitor-based energy storage systems designed to change the world of energy storage. The company's systems are a novel energy storage technology that offers high power density, almost instant recharging and very long lifetimes, enabling automotive, transportation, industrial and renewable energy markets to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emission.

All rights reserved. PitchBook is a financial technology company that provides data on the capital markets. Log in Request a free trial. Request a free trial Log in. Skeleton Technologies Update this profile. Description Manufacturer of ultracapacitor-based energy storage systems designed to change the world of energy storage.

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Skeleton Technologies

Primary Office. Grant Feb Request full access to PitchBook. Contact Us info pitchbook. Generating Revenue. Private Equity-Backed. Corporate Backed or Acquired. Venture Capital-Backed. European Investment Bank. FirstFloor Capital. KIC InnoEnergy. Harju Elekter.

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